Le caf¨¦ virtuel : a virtual (because digital and immaterial) gathering place playing unpredictable music and displaying exhibits of pictures and unlikely things. That's the idea behind it.

For now, you'll find some of my favourite pictures from my 'Chinese period' between 2000 and 2005 (photogallery), some print material i also gathered and processed (exhi-bits and pieces) and some stuff about Chinese music bands (musicwise). I will also be feeding the site with material collected / pictures taken during my 2006 trip - that will come at a later stage.

After putting the different photo galleries together, i actually found each of them visually representative of the perception i have kept of the place: the tradition still alive in fast-changing Beijing, the real-estate influenza in booming Shanghai, the simplicity of things in Guangxi province, the spiritual aura and the smiles of the Tibetan people, the warm welcome and the kids whirling and screaming around in Xinjiang... See for yourself!!

Many thanks to Yannick '12109788' for providing much-appreciated friendly support on web creation (check his site).

Enjoy your time on this site!!

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